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About Us

Eat, drink and be merry!

Ho Ho Steamboat is opening new branches across Malaysia and will continuously provide the freshest seafood from Pulau Ketam in order to allow more fans to enjoy their top quality steamboat feast.

Ho Ho Steamboat also has branches which are decorated with a cafe concept. The only constant is that we still serve delicious soup, fresh ingredients and with our excellent signature hot sauce.

Ho Ho Steamboat was founded in 1999 and we currently have seven branches. Our main branch is located in Sri Petaling (Kuala Lumpur). Our other branches are located at Segambut (Kuala Lumpur), Bandar Menjalara (Kepong, Kuala Lumpur), Klang (Selangor), Genting Klang (Setapak, Kuala Lumpur), Balakong (Selangor) and Johor Bahru (Johore). We have also franchised our business under the name "HoHo Steamboat" to appeal to our customers with our trademark registered brand in other locations.

The sweetness of our clear soup is able to bring out the flavor of seafood within and our diners will be able to taste the authentic and fresh seafood. Apart from serving the clear soup, our steamboat also has the Tom Yam, or the ginger wine, or the pumpkin porridge soup alternatives.

Our seafood is freshly shipped daily from Pulau Ketam with more than 70 kinds of steamboat ingredients, including fish balls, fish noodles, handmade dumplings, as well as QQ tofu. Our crab, white pomfret, squid, sliced pork, giant grouper fish head and siakap fish head are not to be missed. Served with a slightly spicy and sour chili sauce it will make you ask for more.

While waiting for the hot pot ingredients to be cooked, you can enjoy a variety of fried snacks such as fried fish cakes, deep fried sha zui fish and grilled chicken wings. Apart from our steamboat, signature crab fried bee hoon and La La fried bee hoon are also loved by our customers.

Business hours: 3:30pm to 12 midnight
Inquiry: 012-2893119 / 018-3779999
Website: www.steamboat.com.my

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